Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Why I am a Conservative

  • The state has no monopoly of wisdom - it has grown rather too much - and especially so in Scotland
  • Within limited boundaries, people should be trusted to make decisions and should be held accountable for them
  • On ethical and moral questions the Conservatives philosophy comes much closer to my view than the other two main parties
  • For the poor and the vulnerable in recent years it is the Conservatives who have led the way - especially through the work of Iain Duncan Smith and the Centre for Social Justice
  • The first duty of a government is to defend its people and the Conservatives have a much greater sense of this than the other two main parties
  • This country urgently needs to reduce its dependence on oil and develop an energy policy which draws on a range of energy sources - including nuclear. The Conservative energy policy is much more credible
  • . . . and many other reasons
Apologies for the lack of daily blogging recently. It has been for obvious reasons; I have met a load of interesting people on the doorstep, delivered many thousands of leaflets and communications and been involved in a bit of time consuming publicity (would those who removed the Conservative posters in Sciennes Road on Tuesday night please tell me where they are.)

The result for Edinburgh South (including any important interim updates from the early hours of Friday morning) can be expected on the twitter feed of this blog.


paul said...

Cameron, your thoughts and views seem to be so different from the voters in scotland, is this not telling you that your views although personal are way out of touch and the reality is you are in a minority all be it a better off one(and this is the problem), and that most families in scotland have no faith or any respect for the tory party,scotland will never forget those horrendous years under thatcher rule, You now cameron the people out there just dont trust you

paul said...

When i say trust you, i mean the party

paul said...

Why im a tory, coz you were born into it, a way thinking from a young age guided by your parents and their values or a thought of well being a sort of placing of yourself on the social ladder where your higher up than someone else or maybe your former job dealing with all the low life where you form the view im not like them, could not be your religious views thats for sure i cant imagine god would intend for the poor to be governed by someone who has no idea what its like to be on the poorer end of society and just cant have any understanding of the their lifes or maybe you just need to feel you belong somewhere, its funny how folks place them selfs, Yup just you carry on cameron tying to work out what you are and while you do it ask youself have i ever really been there

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