Friday, 25 June 2010

Anarchic cyclists arrest in Meadows

The activity level of the Critical Mass cycling phenomenon has ebbed and flowed in Edinburgh in recent years. Current activity, heralded Check Spellingby an upsurge in flyposting, culminated today in a confrontation with police in the east Meadows about 6:45pm. At least one person was arrested and others are likely to be charged as a result of the incident.

Critical Mass is a rather anarchic monthly event which takes place in a number of cities around the world where participants typically ride in formation and obstruct other traffic, ignore rules of the road and deliberately cause congestion.

Certainly today's incident culminating in the Meadows had attracted at least 15 police officers to respond to the disturbance.

With the availability of a range of more law abiding cycling groups in Edinburgh for those wishing to see improved conditions for cyclists, Critical Mass attracts and encourages the more anarchic of our citizens and, as this occasion has shown, just suck in police resources and get more responsible cyclists a bad name.

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