Friday, 11 June 2010

Barbecue assistance on the Meadows

New barbecue plinths have been provided on the Meadows . You can see their position here.

Actually barbecues are not allowed on the Meadows (park bylaws) but this social activity has been so popular in recent years that it is now commonplace on a hot day. Breaching the bylaws offends the propriety of residents - but a more significant issue is the scorchmarks left on the turf. Of course the blackened ground will recover but this may take up to a year or even more. So the barbecue sites have been introduced to encourage people to do it in particular sites where they will do no damage.

This action is for a trial period. But if the sites are full or not near where you want to be, then it will be helpful if your barbecue tray is elevated above the grass to prevent the damage.

It has been good to see so many people enjoying the Meadows in the summer weather in recent weeks.

Fuller details from Tom Allan's excellent guardianedinburgh blog with the relevant article here.

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