Friday, 25 June 2010

Finding local news

Edinburgh has long needed an improved local Internet news and comment presence. Whilst there is a scattering of political commentators, few have proved to be lasting and consistent. And whilst the BBC provides some localisation of news it has its limits.

The Guardian Edinburgh has in recent times begun to produce a blog centred news service which has echoes of the mighty Drudge in the US - but is truly local. Recent entries include a map of locations of the barbecue sites in the Meadows and live blogging and tweeting from the Edinburgh Council debate yesterday on the trams.

Guardian Edinburgh is a welcome addition to the Edinburgh blogosphere. And ready for the next local major issue, Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council now have a Facebook page welcoming comments on anything local.

For newcomers, the Southside & Newington Newsblog is just that - a niche blog which confines itself to information for and about residents and events in the ward.

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