Wednesday, 16 June 2010

St Margaret's school and the Council

Yesterday at the Education, Children and Families Committee Convenor Marilynne MacLaren brought forward an emergency motion in response to the recent difficulties of St Margaret's School:
  • Committee notes the announcement by St Margaret's School that it is due to close.
  • Committee is asked to note that the Director of Children and Families has already made contact with the management of the school with offers of assistance during this difficult time.
  • Committee instructs the Director of Children and Families to identify the pressures the closure of the school may place on local authority provision of education in the city.
  • Committee also instructs the Director to identify the opportunities for local authority education in the city that may arise from the closure of the school.

All well and good - except the wording of the last clause sounds as if the Council is waiting to swoop like a vulture to take advantage of St Margaret's difficulties - though it was not clear in what way that could be contemplated given the current situation in the Children and Families Department.

I proposed an amendment to delete the words 'local authority' from the last clause to show that the council's interest is the interests of the education of all children in Edinburgh. This is particularly so as many pupils move between council and private education in Edinburgh.

Cllr MacLaren saw the amendment as a threat to her bailiwick and ensured that it was voted down.

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Lisa Ahmed said...

We have had no representative from either the local council or from the SCIS at the school at all. No-one has come forward to offer assitance to any of the parent of 400 children who must, if the school closure goes ahead, finds somwhere to go!

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