Monday, 5 July 2010

About this niche newsblog . . .

For newcomers, this is a niche newsblog which focuses almost entirely on events and news associated with the Southside & Newington ward of Edinburgh where the author is a local politician. The area includes a significant chunk of Edinburgh south of the city centre including Southside, Sciennes, Newington, Blackford and Prestonfield. The area is home to organisations such as Edinburgh University, Prestonfield House Hotel, Nairns oatcakes factory and The Bike Station. You can see the boundaries here.

The blog makes no claims to be comprehensive - but it is regular with close to 2,000 posts in just over 3 years. It is intended primarily as a service for local residents.
The focus is local news - though some of the matters are of national importance - and the author is not immune from adding his opinion where appropriate.


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