Monday, 26 July 2010

Festival, fences and flyposting

Areas marked yellow are authorised poster sites
In an extension of last year's operation a range of fencing and poster drums has appeared throughout the centre of the city in the last 48 hours.  The idea is that, rather then fly posting telephone boxes, empty shops and every space with adverts for events, provision of official poster space will reduce unsightly street decoration.

And as the poster sites are erected and hosted by City Centre Posters, clean up costs are reduced and there is very little expenditure by the council. Of course if you wish your posters displayed you have to pay.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron

City Centre Posters are the biggest flyposting company in the U.K.They are better known to most local Councils as Diabolical Liberties. Their owner has an ASBO for flyposting. They may be keeping the streets of Edinburgh clean but they are involved in blighting every other major City in the U.K with flyposting.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks. Glad working for Edinburgh Council has done the trick to get them on the straight and narrow. :-)

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