Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Police success in Nicolson Square

Drunkenness and anti social behavior in and around Nicolson Square has reduced dramatically this summer. Two things are behind this improvement.

The first is the regular and frequent deployment of police officers and joint patrols (environmental wardens) in the area. Police are to be warmly congratulated on taking action which has been relatively effective. The current relative calm contrasts with the disturbances and the behaviour of a number of addicts and habitual drunks last summer. A detailed account can be found here.

Secondly an extraordinarily simple and practical measure has contributed to the success. Two of the three benches have been removed. Yes it is as simple as that. The garden in Nicolson Square is now less attractive for the troublemakers because there are no seats.

Of course the seats are no longer available for rather better behaved users but, for the moment, that is less important than ridding us of conduct which saps the morale of the community. Toleration of the drunken and foulmouthed behaviour is a threat to other users.

So hearty congratulations and thanks to both police, park and community safety staff.

Welcome though it is, the improvement comes at a cost. Patrols of police and other staff are resource intensive and there is a fear that the troublemakers will drift back in significant numbers if allowed. That is why it is now necessary to pursue a ban on the consumption of alcohol in public in this Square and other well defined problem location as has been done in Hunter Square nearby.


paul said...

Well done to police on this matter,tho i dont feel a ban on alcohol in the sqaure is the answear there are way too mant bans and restrictions starting to surface and i would be sad to see this come into force as you said cameron the seating has all ready been reduced because of these a*** holes, and the wider public should not be punished for there actions, instead of accepting that the police are streched we should be campainging for more boobies on the beat and for the much needed funds for them to be able to, i wont hold my breath tho

paul said...

Of course i meant to say bobies, but if anyone would like to start a campaign for more boobies then thats maybe not a bad thing to

paul said...

i was speaking to policeman today and while chatting he talked of the pressure they were under from their bosses to get results basicly he was saying that his bosses were only reli interested on following up public calls or worries if there was a chance of convictions/ charges being succesful, leaving less time for matters such as the ones above, at least thats wot i think he was saying, cameron you may be able to put me straight, its my view that the police shuld not be presureised in this way and there pay should not be related in any way to the convictions/ charges that they manage,i feel this would leave time for the les serious part of policing and would maybe help to give the officers on the street a chance to deal with these clowns and others like them

Cameron Rose said...


Thanks for calling by. My view is that the police need to focus more on crime and anti-social behaviour. And there is much to much politically correct work which ties them up. Like 'equalities' and 'community consultation' (when the most effective consultation is usually the policeman you spoke to having time and courtesy to speak with you on the street).

No they shouldn't be pressurised into just going for convictions - but nonetheless, locking bad people up is at the core of what they need to be doing.

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