Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Climate credibility

Across at Climate Edinburgh the weekly post examines the credibility of some of the science behind current public policy in an article titled Defending Fairy Dust.


paul said...

i just love this debate its not going to go away but in the end the the world as we know will end not for the reasons that the pro global wwarming troops state but for the simple reason that it was just time for it to do so,if any signifcant change to the climate can be made by man how long are they suggesting that it would extend our time here?

Cameron Rose said...


It is a complex area and I try to look at the detail of the arguments. In a number of areas the arguments just don't seem to stack up - and because it's complex, we just accept what some people tell us. Mistake.

Part of the problem is that the proposals to reduce global warming would be very effective - even if the analysis of the extent of it is correct.

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