Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fringe ticket sales up 5+%

Kath Mainland, Fringe Director
Southside and Newington is host to a significant number of venues as illustrated in this post.

This year's ticket sales are over 5% up on last year.  It felt like it on the streets. As this post indicates, I suggested the city needs to move up a gear in providing space for street performers as the crowds grow.

Here are some of the details (with last year's figures in brackets):
  • Tickets sold  -  1,955,913  +5%
  • Performances -  40,254   (34,265)
  • Shows  - 2,453   (2,098)
  • Venues  -  259   (265)
  • Performers  - 2,453 
  • Fringe High Street acts  -  662 
More details here on the Fringe site.

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