Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Pakistan floods - why no local appeal?

Just over a year ago Edinburgh Council teamed up with Mercy Corps to set up a local fast response mechanism for sending money for the relief in disasters.   The BBC report at the time is accessible here.

So what about the Pakistan floods?  With a strong Pakistan community locally, this seems a good opportunity to bring the mechanism into play.

I understand the committee met and decided for some reason not to contribute.   With tens of millions of people disrupted, it is not clear why?

So at the full council last week I supported a request for the local emergency committee to reconsider its earlier decision and, I understand, there is a recall tomorrow to consider the matter again in response to the following motion from my colleague Cllr Mowat, passed at the meeting of Edinburgh Council last Thursday: "Council. . . invites the Edinburgh Disasters Relief Committee to reconsider its recent decision not to activate the committee's disaster response procedures."

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