Monday, 30 August 2010

Quote of day: "Hollywood? If I've got time."

Danny in the Meadows
In an interview (not online) in today's Herald Danny MacAskill is interviewed by Rebecca McQuillan in Middle Meadow Walk about his career in trial bike acrobatics.   Danny is the 24 year old from Skye whose stunts in and around the Meadows went viral on YouTube when they were posted a couple of years ago.

Here are some quotes from the interview:
  •  "I've got a phone call with him (Hollywood director) later tonight," says MacAskill. "To me, an offer to work in a movie wasn't, like, amazing.  If I've got time."
  • "I'm not motivated by money or fame", he remarks over tea and cakes.  "The only thing that really excites me is doing stuff with my friends".
  • Britain's Got Talent has been in touch 30 times (to no avail).
Worth a read if you get sight of the print edition.  It is on page 11.  One of the original YouTube videos can be found here and background links from an earlier post on this blog here.

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