Friday, 6 August 2010

Vindaloo ice cream in St Leonard's St

93 St Leonard's St
This blog does not normally review eateries but, as a service to visitors and residents alike, today I am drawing attention to two restaurants - both, as it happens, in St Leonard's Street.

First the vindaloo ice cream.  It can be enjoyed (!) along with chocolate curry, marshmallow naan bread and the Kismot Killer - claimed to be the world's hottest curry - at Kismot in St Leonard's Street.  See here for more details in today's Evening News.  Kismot is run by 26 year old Abdul Ali who resides locally and has a reputation for culinary innovation!

One of many new offerings in the ward is Rice Terraces which, like Kismot, is to be found across from St Leonard's Police Station. It is a Filipino restaurant and I hear from some customers that it is not to be missed for outstanding value and good quality.  Apologies to all the other restaurants, old and new, but this is a local news blog - and to news we will return tomorrow.

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