Tuesday, 21 September 2010

20 mph pilot to go ahead locally

Last week I reported on the proposals to impose a 20mph speed limit on roads in a swathe between Morningside Road and Prestonfield and south of the Meadows.

The proposal was passed today at the Transport Committee.  More details of the proposal can be found via the links here.


Anonymous said...

Presumably streets subject to the 20mph limit will need to be signed appropriately. Considering much, if not most, of the area included in the pilot is a conservation area, how can the exponential increase in ugly street furniture be justified? Particularly considering the criticism of impact of the Controlled Parking signage and markings upon the area.

Furthermore how are our already overstretched Police force, who are facing significant budget cuts in the near future, going to enforce these limits?

Or is this another ill-thought out, disasterous transport policy to join the ranks of the congestion charge proposals and the trams?

Cameron Rose said...

I understand there will be 20mph/30mph signs at all the entrances/exits to the defined area. It is intended to be largely self policing. There will be no additional speed controls (bumps and cameras) but police will give it some attention with patrols. Cost of implementation: £100,000

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