Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bramble bonanza

Brambles in Holyrood Park
Autumn is looking very good in Southside & Newington for fruit.   Apple and plum trees are generally well laden and wild and cultivated fruit bushes in the area have generally been productive.

None of that prepared me for the brambles.   Never have I  seen such a profusion of unpicked wild brambles as are available this year in Holyrood Park.   Others will have local favourite spots but there is plenty for everyone at the location described below.   

If you are rushing out to pick some, (and they won't last long), approach from the Low Road in Holyrood Park at the entrance to Duddingston village.  Climb the steep path from the car park which runs up towards Dunsappie Hill.   The bushes furthest up the hill are best. See the map here.

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