Saturday, 4 September 2010

Parish News - part 1

This blog has supplied news local to the Southside and Newington ward of Edinburgh Council for three and a half years.  My priority has always been to maintain a steady stream of posts containing local news.

Only occasionally has it strayed into Edinburgh wide news or into my own opinions.  It is a political blog - in that I am a local Conservative councillor - but political opinion is relatively rare.  Indeed, when the postings increased on one subject of controversy, they were moved into a brand new blog - Climate Edinburgh - leaving this site principally for local news.
Edinburgh City Chambers
Some people have requested more news of city wide issues eg major planning applications - such as the Primark premises in Princes Street, or transport issues such as the proposal to create 20 mile per hour speed limits on swathes of roads throughout the city.  Some have even requested more information on the trams.

From Monday, rather than the very occasional reference to issues which are not anchored in the Southside and Newington Ward, I will post on city wide issues more frequently.  Don't expect them all at once - it will be a gradual process, but they will certainly include Primark, speed limits and trams.

Posts about the city will appear in a distinctive form (watch this space) and will be filed under the current "Edinburgh" label in the right hand side of the page (down a little).

News from my local ward will still have pride of place and posts will continue to be filed under the appropriate label down there on the right side of the blog.  

Thank you especially to my regular readers, and to those who have expressed appreciation for the posts to date  (1,800 in total).  I hope you appreciate the extended coverage.

In the next few days Parish News - part 2 will include some details about why I blog and who reads it.

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