Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Class sizes information

Sciennes, one of 3 primaries in ward 15
I know many parents are keeping an eye on class sizes in the light of the confusion about the government targets. Edinburgh Council has recently provided information revealing the sizes of P1-3 classes this autumn at Sciennes, Preston Street and Prestonfield Schools:
  • Sciennes: P1 = 3 classes each of 30; P2 = 3 classes each of 31; P3 = 2 classes of 31 plus a composite class of 25 made up of 10 further children from P2 and 15 from P3.
  • Preston Street: P1 = classes of 23 and 24; P2 = 1 class of 30; P3 = 1 class of 29 plus a composite class made up of a further 13 children from P2 and 11 from P3.
  • Prestonfield: P1 = one class of 25; P2 = one class of 27; P3 one class of 23.
The focus on class sizes seems to shift attention unduly from other more important factors in a good education.

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