Friday, 29 October 2010

Cleaner Southside

Poster control area (yellow)
Flyposting and graffiti have reduced in some areas over the last year and a bit and this is particularly evident in the Middle Meadow Walk area.  There are several reasons.
  1. Environmental teams have negotiated an official poster policy for the festival, providing sites for posters over a wide range of sites.  This has resulted in a significant reduction in flyposting whilst generating some revenue for public funds.  Middle Meadow Walk and surrounding areas have been part of this scheme which has been administered through City Centre Posters.
  2. Enhanced cleanup of flyposting.  At a number of traditional locations, street furniture has been given an invisible coat of an invisible liquid which make it easier to remove flyposting.
  3. A number of people have joined those of us who already rip down flyposting as soon as possible after it appears
In a later post I will give details of further proposals to take back our streets from flyposters and taggers.

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