Tuesday, 12 October 2010

MacRae's Battalion play at Prestonfield

Steve Potter is preparing to preview his musical tribute Farewell My Son to potential backers in the Prestonfield House Hotel next month.

This musical is a tribute to those, including members of Hearts football team who left the South Side area of Edinburgh for the trenches in 1914.  Many failed to return and the story, legendary at the time, was brought back to memory recently by a Prestonfield author Jack Alexander who wrote McRae's Battalion, a superb and thoroughly researched account of the the heroic endeavours of Sir George McRae and many Southsiders who left Edinburgh for the battlefields of France.

More details here of the tribute and how the tribute project began with a visit to the Somme by Steve Potter, a Duddingston resident.   See also here for another earlier post with further background information.

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