Friday, 29 October 2010

Potterrow to be targeted for cleanup

Graffiti tags
The underpass area at Potterrow has been cleaned numerous times of late.  Following the success of official poster and advertising sites during the Festival, there are plans to create official advertising and public notice sites in, and on the approaches to, the underpass.

This proposal is designed to take control of the site, and in doing so, to create a tidier environment.   It will involve seeking planning permission and, if successful, will also provide some income to public funds.

As well as reducing illegal flyposting, it is hoped this will also reduce the graffiti tags in the Potterrow area and similar proposal are being considered for selected sites in the Middle Meadow Walk area.

It is hoped this will reduce the graffiti tags in the area

(In the much longer term there are plans to rework Potterrow, removing the underpass and linking George Square more directly to the Old Quad and South College Street.)
I will post about graffiti taggers tomorrow - including some positive news. 

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