Tuesday, 19 October 2010

UK Spending Review and Edinburgh context

Tomorrow, George Osbourne will unveil the long awaited spending review - aimed at trimming the national debt which is currently projected to be in net deficit by £149bn for this year alone. A month or so later Edinburgh Council will be told by the Scottish Government what its budget will be for the following year.  The Council will set its budget on 3rd Feb 2011 having given consideration to these figures.

Let's put some of the figures we will be seeing in the next few days and weeks in context.
  • £2,403 - the approximate net amount that the UK government is borrowing for every man woman and child in the land this year.That is £149bn and latest monthly figures suggest the government will struggle to keep it that low.
  • £29.2bn - the amount the Scottish Government has at its disposal. That is around £5,720 per person.  Scottish Government spending amounts to about 40% of government spending in Scotland.
  • £1.04bn - Edinburgh Council's main revenue expenditure budget, which is approximately £2176 per person
  • 40% - the proportion of spend which goes on education. Social work gets just over 17% with Services for Communities accounting for 17%
More figures for Edinburgh can be found here.  A look at some council proposals to save money will be posted this evening.

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