Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Council suspends payments to EUS

Edinburgh Council had invested  £213,034 in Edinburgh University Settlement hosted projects for 2010/11. All unpaid payments have been suspended.  The projects supported are
  • Stepping Stones arts based project for young people aged 18-25 and suicide prevention project
  • Community Learning Centre Project: funding for project worker and seven individual care packages
  • Early Years Surestart project
  • City Literacy and Numeracy project (CLAN)
  • English as Second Language (ESOL)
These grants are under the Health and Social Care and Education  departments who are making arrangements to identify and make appropriate arrangements for necessary provision to vulnerable people.

Here is the farewell statement from staff at the Roxy Art Centre:

Press Release October 29 2010:
The Former Employees of the Roxy Art House

We, the former employees, are saddened to announce the closure of the Roxy Art House as of yesterday, 28 October 2010. This is due to the bankruptcy of the charity who owned the Roxy, Edinburgh University Settlement.

We would like our first comment to be an apology. Much work had been put in to fill our booking sheet for the coming months. We are letting many of you down, both those who made the bookings and those hoping to come along to the events. We know what these events mean to you, they do to us too. Our sincere apologies. Please trust that no-one is more disappointed than we that these events won’t be going ahead.

Equally importantly, we would like to thank all of you who have crossed our threshold since January, when new management took over. Artists, musicians and our life and soul – the revellers. Thank you all so much.

It’s been a cracking old time… who remembers Nick Cave at Irregular? Who saw the 5-band, 5-stage Hidden Door finale? Who was here for the festival when we saw (and won awards for) some of the most creative, experimental theatre on the Fringe? Who remembers the pride when we were chosen as the venue best suited to the launch of Creative Scotland. Hell’s teeth, who got boozy in the basement? We did.

When the present Artistic Director took over in January he did so with a clear aim – to make the Roxy Art House the most successful, forward thinking multi-arts space in Edinburgh and one of the most important in the country. Looking back over the past 10 months and seeing how far we have come, and how much distance we have covered in trying to realise that goal, we feel (justifiably we hope) proud. And, as much fun as it has been, we would like to stress that we always looked at the Roxy as a project that needed to be commercially viable – which it was. We as a group of people will be taking that mentality forward. We are in a strong position. We have learned much over the past 10 months. We’ve met some incredible people. It is our hope that this knowledge and our new friends will get us over this bump in the road.

Edinburgh needs a multi-arts centre. We are the people to bring it to life.

The Lady Roxy is Dead. Long live the Roxy!

Our love to all,

The former employees of the Roxy Art House

For more information contact: Rupert Thomson, thomsonrupert@hotmail.com

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