Monday, 29 November 2010

Energy, climate and the Evening News

On Friday Robert Dow had a letter in the Evening News rather critical of the global impact on energy of supposed global warming. (see the third letter down here for the letter in full).

Some people have told me the Evening News published a follow up letter from me on Saturday.  Now as I didn't see Saturday's paper, and as I can't locate my letter on their online edition, time to offer my readers the text I sent in here in a post:

Robert Dow (Letters, November 26th) rightly highlights concerns about carbon trading and wind energy.

Two more fundamental issues need scrutiny.

There are scientists with unimpeachable qualifications in climate science who challenge whether human emissions make more than a trivial contribution to warming.  Their evidence is often brushed aside by policymakers in their rush to demonise carbon.

This year's shambolic enquiries into the conduct of a coterie of  influential climate scientists suggests the commercial scam to which Robert Dow refers, may be  dwarfed by the scientific scam on which so much of our public policy is based.

Cllr Cameron Rose

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