Saturday, 27 November 2010

Meadows ideas

'The lion' view from the Meadows 
The Meadows is a superb resource. 
  • Tens of thousands use it for recreation every week and it boasts some of the busiest pedestrian routes in the city.   
  • The views of Arthur's Seat and the Crags are stunning.  
  • The trees are majestic.  
  • The columns and pillars, with their lions, unicorns, aphorisms and samples of stone from quarries, are fascinating.  
  • The space for events and activities is a godsend for the city and local people
So what more do the Meadows need?  Earlier this week I met local resident Dave Ralph who has a few ideas.  The next post (later today) will flag up some of his ideas.  Have a look and let David know what you think.

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