Thursday, 25 November 2010

Reminder: public meeting tonight

A public meeting has been arranged to discuss plans for traffic, cycling and parking issues in large parts of the ward.  It will take place in the Marchmont St Giles Church, Kilgraston Road tonight at 7pm.  Plans for the various proposals will be on display from 6:30pm.

The meeting is arranged by Edinburgh Council and the Grange/Prestonfield Community Council.   You can also see much of the information at the links below . . .
  • the proposal to impose a 20mph speed limit on all roads in the area (except arterial and 'feeder' routes) - more detailshere 
  • proposals for a quality bike  corridor route between the King's Buildings and George Square/Potterrow - more detailshere
  • Resident priority parking  - more details here
I will be in attendance (along with other local councillors) to hear views expressed.


Anonymous said...

Will the Council publish the details of the "over 40 road casualties in the past three years" used to justify 20mph zone in south Edinburgh?

Suitably scrubbed of personal details of course but with details of the contributing factors, location, time and date, etc, intact.

Cameron Rose said...

Good point. I am sure they should have a map with these p[lotted onto it. Will check.
Thanks. Cameron

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