Monday, 22 November 2010

Searching for local information quickly

This blog contains a wealth of local information.  With new users especially in mind, here is the quickest way to find the information you want.

Choose the best search words (the following are a few suggestions) and bring up any post, or the home page of the blog.  Type your search word or words into the search box at the top left side of the blog (beside the orange B) and mouse click the magnifying glass beside it.
  • garden waste
  • stunt biker
  • nursery closure
  • parking
  • remembrance
  • robbery
  • or try typing in your street or district
Alternatively, do a google search for your word/s along with my name such as "cameron rose garden waste".

If you want to see recent posts relevant to a specific area in the ward scroll down the homepage and on the right side, below the twitter feeds, you will see the filing categories for posts including the six areas in the ward: Newington, Blackford, Sciennes, Prestonfield, Southside and Dumbiedykes.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Cameron for higlighting this initiaive. We raised a £85 for the Flood Victims. Many thanks to all who contributed.
Nadia Aslam

Cameron Rose said...

Glad you found it useful.

Always happy to flag up local events and news.

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