Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"There's a fox in the cellar"

At first my wife thought it was the cat rustling amongst some bags in the cellar.  But it was bigger and more grey - a mature fox.  Guess who retreated first.  There is a small hole in the rather thick basement walls which we knew Theo the cat occasionally used.  But a fox was a surprise.  Actually a shock.

It was the second occasion in 10 days when she has encountered a fox in the early afternoon.  The first was in our high walled rear garden when she opened the back door and almost stepped on it.

Now we've nothing against foxes which are common enough in the ward area - and they keep the vermin down.  But we'd rather not have one living in the cellar!

My question.  Two daylight close encounters in 10 days after 14 years without such excitement. Are there other indicators of changing fox patterns in the Sciennes area?

Reports from Prestonfield suggest an increase in garden foxes this year.

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