Friday, 24 December 2010

Festive contact

It has been a busy few weeks and the snow has brought a large number of requests for assistance.  Below I list first Council contact arrangements and then how to contact me.  The Council has a clear escalation procedure for emergencies.
  • Council contact:  During 25 - 28 December and 1- 4 January when neighbourhood offices will be closed urgently required services in relation to ice/snow clearance and gritting can be accessed through the contact centre (Tel. 0131 200 200)
  •  Councillor contact:  I will not be in much during the next week but will be be checking emails from time to time.  My email address can be found here.
Finally, Happy Christmas to you all.  Now a little puzzle to be resolved on Christmas morning.  I have checked three weather forecasts for Edinburgh tomorrow.  Let's see which is correct.

Happy Christmas

Update 10:20pm: Accuweather won with a sprinkling of snow before dawn - though BBC/Met office did change their forecast late on Christmas Eve to make it similar to the Accuweather one.

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