Friday, 10 December 2010

Gritting to date - your street

Here is a list of streets reported as having been gritted twice and, in most cases, scraped by the end of today:
 Whitehouse Loan from Newbattle Terrace to Strathearn Place – Strathearn Place from Whitehouse Loan to Greenhill Gardens – Greenhill Gardens from Strathearn Place to Chamberlain Road – Stratherhearn Place – Strathearn Road – Marchmont Road from Strathearn Road to Marchmont Crescent – Marchmont Crescent – Warrender Park Road – Sciennes Road – Sciennes from Sciennes Road to Summerhall Place – West Mayfield – East Mayfield – Priestfield Road – Clearburn Road – Prestonfield Road from Clearburn Road to Clearburn Gardens – Clearburn Gardens – Prestonfield Avenue from Clearburn Gardens to Clearburn Road – Dalkeith Road from Priestfield Road to Queen’s Crescent – Queen’s Crescent from Dalkeith Road to McLaren Road – McLaren Road from Queen’s Crescent to Cobden Crescent – Cobden Crescent – Cobden Road from Cobden Crescent to Queen’s Crescent – Queen’s Crescent from Cobden Road to McLaren Road – McLaren Road – Ventor Terrace  
 Oswald Road, Blackford Avenue from Oswald Road to West Regulus Road, West Regulus Road, Regulus Road to Findhorn Place, Findhorn Place, Grange Road from Findhorn Place to Seton Place, Dick Place from Seton Place to Findhorn Place
Observatory Road – Blackford Avenue from Observatory Road to Maurice Place – Maurice Place – Ladysmith Road – Blackford Hill Rise – Eva Place – Langton Road from Lussiewlaw Road to West Mains Road – West Mains Road from Langton Road to Blackford Avenue – Blackford Avenue from West Mains Road to South Oswald Road – South Oswald Road from Blackford Avenue to South Oswald Road (Blackford Brae School) – South Oswald Road from Blackford Avenue to St Albans Road – St Albans Road to South Lauder Road – South Lauder Road from St Albans Road to Lauder Road – Dick Place from Lauder Road to Blackford Road – Blackford Road – Whitehouse Loan from Blackford Road to Newbattle Terrace 
Her is a list of other information in the Edinburgh South area:

  • Gritting teams are continuing to fill grit boxes and the neighbourhood team is also dropping of piles of grit for residents - grit is disappearing as quickly as it is distributed so residents are requested only to take as much as needed - we are very grateful for any assistance provided
  •  Central roads teams have completed gritting category 2 routes and have started on category 3 - they hope to get around the category 3 routes over the weekend. There is an update list of routes covered attached to this email
  •  If you or anyone in the area has specific concerns about friends, family or neighbours I would urge them to contact Social Care direct team at the Council on 0131 200 2324 and staff will arrange appropriate follow up. Email In the evenings and weekends, contact can be made with the out of hours service at 0800 731 6969.
  • Some onstreet communal bins are now being emptied where possible and excess waste will continue to be collected; trade waste is running well
  • If the thaw continues greenbin collection will commence from Monday - collection rates will be slow because they will uplift green and brown bins and also any excess waste. Residents are advised to put out both bins and bagged excess waste and if it is not collected on the normal day they should leave it out because the routes will be rolled over - communication for the wider public on this is in progress
  • With the thaw a number of burst pipes/ roof/gutter problems etc are being reported. Residents should be advised to report this to 0131 200 2000 and the staff in the contact service will be able to assist 
  • Sites for the waste containers in South now in 5 locations - Cameron Toll car park; Iceland car park off Ferniehill Drive; car park at 36 Prestonfield Avenue; pub car park at 50 Moredunvale Road and car park at Balmwell Care Home. More locations are being assessed particularly in the South Central area.
  • Community Safety staff have been working with the police and Lothian Buses to arrange for cars blocking bus access etc to be removed - over 50 have been actioned across South to asist Lothian Buses reestablish bus routes
  • Visits to sheltered housing residents at Ashton Grove and a number of dispersed alarm (DAS) properties   - 129 properties visited, nearly all residents were well with plenty of food etc which was reassuring
  • The following community centres will offer a service over the weekend: 
  •  Tollcross Community Centre - open this weekend for normal programme
  • South Bridge Resource Centre - open as usual on Saturday
  • South Side Community Centre - open as usual
  • Inch Community Centre - open as usual  
  • Newington Library open as usual 
Snow clearance work update           
    •  Greenbank – clearance started  today - should be complete tomorrow morning (Sat) 
    • Gilmerton Dykes –  this job is very difficult and time consuming and will take until Sunday to finish 
    • Mortonhall - complete
    • Ravenscroft Street - complete
    •  Newington corridor footways –  ongoing over weekend  
    •  Morningside/Bruntsfield/Tollcross footways –  almost complete. finish tomorrow
    •  Pleasance – footway clearance working south
    • Prestonfield Estate –  ongoing
    •  Inch Community Centre/ Gilmerton Community Centre –  complete 
    • Clearance at care homes – Gilmerton Care Home  cleared  
    • Carnbee/Guardwell /Ellens Glen  –  will be worked on over weekend 
    • Gracemount –  will be worked on over weekend
    •  Laurison Gardens  - will be worked on over weekend
    • Cluny Gardens/Oswald Road/Midmar/Kilgraston/Marchmont Road/ then over to Causewayside - footways will be worked on over weekend
    • Alnwickhill/Howdenhall - will be worked on over the weekend
    • Braid Hill area - will be worked on over the weekend 
    •  Paladin bins in high rise and low rise have all been cleared now   

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