Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Information about snow priorities

Some of the information in Tuesday's briefing for councillors may be helpful to know as you contemplate the condition of your streets and pavements.

All category 1 and category 2 priority routes were treated on Monday.  Due to continuing snowfalls it was necessary to revert back to category 1 routes.

On Tuesday, all category 1 routes were treated and work began on category 2 routes.

Category 1 routes are important principal roads and major bus routes, roads to hospitals, ambulance depots and fire stations.  Category 2 routes are all other main roads and local distributor roads.

And finally for this morning - salt. Between last Friday (26th November) and Monday night (29th), the Council used 1802 tonnes of salt.  A further 1001 tonnes had been used since the start of winter maintenance.  

As at early morning on 30th there was a supply in hand of 5374 tonnes.

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