Thursday, 9 December 2010

Odeon for sale: interest so far

Unoccupied for 8 years
Bruce Hare, of Duddingston House Properties, current owners of the former Odeon in Clerk Street, has been speaking to the press.

He has reported there are around 20 expressions of interest in the premises which was put on the market again in the autumn.  Today's article with more information can be found here and you can find some of the recent history of this building here.


Mickey Moose of St Andrews Hoose said...

How would you like to see it used, Mr Rose?
Do you support the widely publicised New Victoria campaign?
Tell your constituents your opinions please. Keep up the good blogging.

Cameron Rose said...


Thanks for driving by. Above all I want to see it back in use. It is very sad that we have had a dead spot in the South side like this for 8 years.

Good luck to the New Victoria campaign but I certainly don't favour them over any of the other interested parties.

And as you are from St Andrews Hoose and want my opinion, it is that the listing and planning process has, in this case, done the community as a whole a disservice.

Heritage blight, I call it, casting a shadow over a living community.

BTW, I think the previous opposition to the night club proposal was commendable - for the sake of the community.

Ode said...

One of those prospective buyers has £50million in their bank account. Another, more vocal, has none. But no one will be offering the inflated asking price.

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