Monday, 6 December 2010

OK! Let's clear Livingston Place

A team of neighbours in Swanston Park
Join me in the streets below over the next couple of days at the times shown.   Or set up your own pavement clearing time and team.  I'll post details here.

There are quite a few accounts of streets being leafleted or door knocked and the menfolk (mainly) getting together to clear the pavements.  So for the next couple of days I'm putting aside the hour between 7am and 8am and 5pm-6pm to clear some pavements in specific streets.  Care to join me?  Or arrange your own work party.  Let me know and I'll flag it up here.  Here's the programme so far.

Tuesday 7am-8am:   Livingston Place  
Wed      7am-8am:   Argyle Place
Wed      5pm-6pm:  Gifford Park (from Buccleuch Street end)

Bring your spade and any supplies of salt you can spare.

When will it end?  The Met Office are predicting something of a thaw on Thursday and Friday but it will be a bit chill before then.  Predicting a maximum temperature tomorrow of minus 5 earlier today, the Met Office has now reduced the prediction to minus 3.  Even if it does thaw at the end of the week it will take a long time to shift the snow and there will be drains to clear. . . . 

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