Monday, 6 December 2010

Sara McLean in Miss GB last 5

Local student Sara Mclean made it into the last 5 of the Miss GB competition in Weston-Super-Mare on Saturday night.  She was the only one of the five Scottish finalists to get through to last five.

I can't see on the Internet when the winner is chosen from the five.  Shona, can you help with more details?

Sara is an Edinburgh student who lives in the Southside and Newington ward.

Update:  Ahh.  Sarah, didn't quite win but made it as far as the last five - as Shona explains in the comments below.  Apologies for any confusion.


Shona said...

They picked the winner from the last 5 finalists, she was called Amy from Stockport, a law student at Liverpool Uni....lovely girl but in my opinion SARA should have won !!!!!!!!!!!!

Shona said...

Lovely article in the Evening News yesterday on Sara Mclean, Miss Edinburgh - check it out

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