Monday, 13 December 2010

Weather: The Inquest

First, a reminder that the latest information about refuse collections (back to normal runs this week, temporary skips in place), schools (all operating), roads, traffic and gritting information, vulnerable people information, can all be accessed from this link on Edinburgh Council's website.

The council meeting on Thursday (16th) will consider a report of action taken in response to the ongoing weather developments.  Here, in bullet form are just a few of the statistics and points noted.  (I expect the report will be posted in full on the Council Papers part of the website):
  • It takes 180 tonnes of salt to treat all Category 1 routs and 90 tonnes for all category 2 routes (20 grams per square metre
  • Edinburgh has 895 miles of roads and 1,721 miles of pavements
  • Last winter's standing salt stock (5,200 tonnes) was increased by 38% to 7,215 this year.
  • 4,800 tonnes of salt were used between Friday Nov 26th and Monday 6th December compared to 10,000 tonnes over the whole of last winter.
  • There are 1720 grit bins in the city - one per 277 residents
  • Because the snow came later than forecast on Monday 6th December, category 1 routes had been treated four times in the 24 hours before the snow actually began to fall

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