Friday, 21 January 2011

Employment case began at Sciennes School

Kamaljit Kaur
An employment tribunal is hearing a case against Edinburgh Council by Kamaljit Kaur, an Additional Language teacher. Her case alleges she suffered racial discrimination beginning at Sciennes Primary School in 2005.  

Head Teacher Alison Noble and Council leader Jenny Dawe have been amongst the witnesses.  It will be some weeks at least before a judgement is forthcoming.

More details of the case are reported here by Deadline News Agency.


Anonymous said...

What a pile of crap! This woman and her husband are trying to extort money from the city. I hope she gets sacked

Anonymous said...

Are you an expert witness in this case. What a redneck loser.

Anonymous said...

Complete hogwash.

It's a shame good people have to waste their time on this.

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