Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Rankeillor Street fire drama

Evening News photograph
Several people were rescued from the fire which began last night in a basement near to Clerk Street last night.
Eyewitness student Adam Smith said: "Smoke was pouring from the building as the crews arrived. They used a 50-foot turntable ladder to get to the people on the upstairs floor. I saw one child being rescued and he looked pretty shaken." (Evening News)
Two people were detained in hospital and others were treated for smoke inhalation.  The fire, which was reported around 11pm last night was not brought under control until 2am.

Fuller details can be found on the following websites: BBC; Evening News; STV; Edinburgh Reporter.  And here is how it was reported by a US News agency.

A Fire Service investigation is under way and, although I know of no suggestion of criminality at this stage, there have been reports of vagrants sleeping in common stairs in parts of the Southside in recent months.


Anonymous said...

I think "in recent months" is pretty generous. I used to live in St Patrick Square and we had umpteen problems! (circa 2005-2009)

Cameron Rose said...

Well, one tries to be generous :-)

Yep, it has long been a problem.

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