Another fire

Emergency services attended in force
A basement fire in Clerk Street around 8pm this evening (Tuesday) resulted in Clerk Street and part of Nicolson Street being closed by emergency services.

It is understood no one was hurt.  The fire is thought to have begun in the basement near to number 10 (USA Nailz) and affected the three floors of occupied flats above.  CID were in attendance and there are concerns that the circumstances may have been suspicious.

The scene of tonight's fire is only yards away from the suspicious basement fire in Rankeillor Street just over a month ago.

Update 14:00 16.2.11:  Further details from the BBC, STV and Evening News.


Anonymous said…
Another (minor) fire this afternoon at 35 Mansionhouse Road
Cameron Rose said…
When you notice one or two - we notice them all.

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