Wednesday, 23 February 2011

BGS monitors Christchurch and Manchester

Christchurch Cathedral - without spire
The British Geological Survey (BGS), based in West Mains Road beside the King's Buildings is the key monitoring site inthe UK for earthquakes throughout the world.

Commenters from the BGS include 
  • Alice Walker - here on Channel 4 News
  • Roger Musson - here on the BBC and here on PlanetEarth
  • Brian Baptie - here in the Scotsman
  • Julian Bukits - here in the Daily Mail on the Manchester (mini) earthquake
Julian Bukits is well known to this blog.  See here for a clutch of articles including his suberb contribution to how the local community looks.

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donna said...

proud to be a british citizen, most of the world famous technologies were taken birth from britan... long live united kingdom

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