Tuesday, 8 February 2011

'Bloodbath' death in Chalmers Crescent

It is reported this morning that the woman pulled from the fire at 18 Chalmers Crescent had suffered stab wounds and the deceased male had been 'battered' to death.

The fire related incident yesterday morning took place around 450 yards from the scene of a tragic fire in December in Argyle Park Terrace where 79 year old Berit Mountain died.

The crime scene is part of a small block of flats managed by Viewpoint Housing Association. It is situated in Grange Road just to the north of St Catherine's Argyle Church and the building is somewhat out of character with the houses (as in the picture) traditionally associated with this part of the Sciennes/ Grange area.

Further details of yesterday's events can be found in the Scotsman, which describes the scene as a 'bloodbath', and the Daily Record  which places the incident in the context of other violence elsewhere in Scotland over the week-end. 

1 pm update: In this afternoon's Evening News they report the police are waiting to interview Ms Methven over the incident and are reportedly poised to launch a murder investigation.


Anonymous said...

Three years ago there was a drug-related killing at another Viewpoint Housing Association property in Newbattle Terrace. This was the culmination of over two years of severe problems with cocaine, and several new residents who were users, and one a dealer. After this incident 5 or 6 residents moved to find a quieter life. Residents who remained were hugely distressed, and Post-Traumatic Stress was common for many months afterwards.

I sympathise deeply not just with the families of the deceased/attacked, but even more so with the residents who have to deal with these kind of issues when they have no prior experience of (or desire to) dealing with this level of violence.

I feel strongly that the Scotland Housing Act, if that is its title, should be revisited by the Scottish Parliament to consider the blanket protection given to tenants, even severely antisocial ones, at the great expense of existing residents and good landlords. ( I do not consider Viewpoint a good landlord.) When I spoke with a Housing Officer at the time of our cocaine troubles I was told, "You have to learn to live with other people's lifestyles." No, I don't, when it involves cocaine, violence and terror.

I would like to see the non-screening policy changed, so that drug users or those with criminal records who seek tenancies should be legally required to agree to give up their habits/behaviour, with appropriate support from suitable agencies, before being offered a tenancy. Most residents will support any new resident seen to have such a problem, if s/he is seen to want to clean up their lives.

I firmly believe that we should all be able to live together, with no discrimination for age, race, sexual preferences. But drugs/criminal behaviour involve an additional moral consideration which MUST be taken into account.

Cameron Rose said...


All noted and I largely agree with you. I also appreciate what you have had to put up with.

Anonymous said...

I am the mother of the deceased and he wasnt on drugs and came from a very nice family. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was murdered for being with a girl whose x boyfriend was jealous.My son had just came out of a long term relationship with a trainee doctor and was in this relationship for 3 months. Before you make assumptions, think first.I sympathise with the people in the flats and the neighbours and still after 2 years I am asking why my beautiful son was taken form me in this way and will never get over this ever.He was an amazing guy and those that knew him would say the same and more.to this person I hope one day you never have to hear the news that your son was murdered.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks for your comments which are appreciated. I understand something of the pain of losing a close friend and a relative to such violent loss from my own experience - but my heart reaches out to you as a mother losing a son. Apologies for anything I have said which makes it harder to bear.

The blog generally just reports and links to other reports on very local news. My response two years ago was acknowledging that the current system sometimes lets residents down. I had hoped the comments were general rather than specific to the described situation about which I didn't know any details. The anonymous person who commented had clearly been through distressing events leading to the exchange.

My hope and prayer for you is that time and other circumstances will dull the great pain you carry.

Anonymous said...

Cameron , your comment this morning is very much apprieciated as today 2 years ago I cremated my son as his body was held for a month.Yesterday was a bad day for me and I thankyou for your heartfelt words today.Everybody moves on with their life but we are left to bear this every day.
I wish you all the best in the job that you do.
Mrs Taylor.

Cameron Rose said...

I hope we get a chance to meet sometime.

Thank you for your kind response.

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