Friday, 25 February 2011

Launch of new 'Tube map' in Causewayside

Folding into less than the size of two credit cards a new Tube style map of Edinburgh for cyclists was launched today.  

The map, which is free, shows all dedicated cycle routes in Edinburgh in the style of the acclaimed map of the London Underground.  It is sponsored by The Bike Station and funded from the Climate Challenge Fund.

Know as the Edinburgh Innertube Map, it was officially launched this evening in the Map Reading Room, part of the National Library of Scotland in Causewayside.

Find more details from the BBC, and from The Bike Station website.


Roger Hyam said...

This map is a wonderful illustration of how bad cycling provision is in Edinburgh. Hardly any of the routes join up! If you actually want to cycle for transport then you will probably want to go through the centre of the city and none of the routes do that.
I cycle from the South side to the North side as my commute and things are getting so bad I have taken to walking on many days.
When will we have a transport policy based on where people want to go to and from?

Cameron Rose said...


How very Scottish is your response: certainly many of the routes don't join; we do, however, have routes. Rome wasn't built in a day and nor will be the cycle network. Your comments conceal a considerable improvement on the ground.

thanks for reading and commenting.

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