Saturday, 5 February 2011

More on Meadows tree cull

Raphael shows off cross section
The tree pictured in yesterday's post was 121 years old.  It was not the only tree blown down in the Meadows.  Why were there so many when the wind did not seem to reach the intensity of previous gales we have experienced?

Here is a suggestion.  Last year was, by some measures, the least windy year since 1824.  Every year diseased or 'end of life' trees are effectively culled in high winds.  With 1350 trees in the immediate Meadows area, there is bound to be a few due for natural removal each year.  With last year (and I believe immediately preceding years) being relatively windless, there was a crop of end of life trees ready for the first storm.

Meanwhile enjoy the picture of Raphael and note the markings on the cross section showing some of the 121 years marked.


Hilary Singer said...

I saw that tree on Friday night, when the Meadows was still in semi-hurricane conditions. I wondered how old that tree must have been, but wasn't keen to stop just then to count the rings! Thanks for letting us know.

Cameron Rose said...


Appreciate your comment. I think the picture colouration shows evidence which suggests it was diseased - but I'm no expert on such ailments.

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