Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nicolson Street breach three guilty

Edinburgh Sheriff Court
Three demonstrators arrested after causing disruption in the Royal Bank of Scotland  in Nicolson Street last August have been found guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Although guilty of a breach of the peace the Sheriff decided to admonish them and did not consider it appropriate to impose a fine or penalty.

The demonstrators were climate change activists demonstrating against the RBS involvement in financing oil production from tar sands in Canada.  Some people have strong views on this matter but there are people with environmental concerns who take a quite different view on oil extraction from these climate change activists.

It is to be regretted that they feel their views give them the right to ignore the rule of law.  It is also to be regretted that one of my fellow councillors supports them in doing so.  And, that physical violence did not ensue, does not justify what was clearly illegal, albeit not in the more serious category of crime.

"It's not often Southside/Newington ward is the setting for non-violent direct action but it was great to see the video your peaceful and good humoured protest at RBS Nicolson Street branch against their investment in oil extraction from tar sands."  Cllr Steve Burgess, Southside/Newington Ward.

More details here.

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Anonymous said...

Point well made by Giovanna Speciale, Tim Gee, and Cara Whelan. Glad they had support from Councillor Burgess and a reasonable Sheriff in Neil MacKinnon.

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