Friday, 11 February 2011

No sale of Odeon and DHP plan back

Odeon:  vacant since 2003
Offers for the Odeon did not match the independent valuation of just under £3m.  Duddingston House Properties (DHP) have now indicated it is likely they will resubmit their application for a new arts type hotel and associated facilities.

The BBC reports the background rather well and the Evening News states that the three offers were for less than half of the independent valuation.  More background can be found here where there is also some interesting (I think) discussion of the issues (in the comments).


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Whenever there are pro-demolition comments reported in, say, the Eve News, they get prominence in the Rose blog. Whenever there are anti-demolition stories, the blog ignores them. What to make of this?

Cameron Rose said...

First this blog does not claim to be comprehensive.
Second, I've just looked over the range of articles on the Odeon at this blog (see link below). Not an unreasonable spread, I would say. The preceding post even contains a link to the petition website!!!

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