Friday, 11 March 2011

BGS monitoring of Japan earthquake

Seismograms of the Honshu earthquake
The British Geological Survey, based at the King's Buildings in West Mains Road, is the UK monitoring point for earthquakes worldwide.

Comments to the media world wide have been made from BGS concerning the disastrous event in Japan which measured 8.9 on the Richter scale.  A few have been brought together at the BGS webpage devoted to the Japanese earthquake here.

The MailOnline explores whether the earthquake could be linked with the 'supermoon' phenomena with a section inset explaining the background by Dr Roger Musson of the BGS.

Update  9:00pm And as an off topic bonus, for those interested in the last  paragraph (above), here is a primer on issues around possible linking solar activity to earthquakes from the BBC's Paul Hudson.
Update 8:00pm:  And here is an interview with David Kerridge.

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Pike riddle said...

Seismic activity is the result of a solar flare on 13-15 February 2011.
The largest number of thermographs (Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras), to search for people under the rubble by fixing heat of the human body, have the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Мost of these cameras mounted on military equipment. Some quantity of IR cameras have their manufacturers in warehouses.
Dubai can help to Japan more than any other. because in Dubai is concentrated 20% of construction equipment (mostly cranes) that may needed to clearing concrete rubble.
Аdequate logistics for the delivery of this equipment has the U.S. Army and the operating companies of largest aircrafts An-124.

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