Thursday, 17 March 2011

Census: Too soon - or online error?

The census form dropped through the letterbox yesterday.

The information leaflet advises that the questionnaire should be completed on or around 27th March but, being 28 pages long, I thought I would get as much of it done as soon as possible as it can be completed online

Alas, it can't be done online yet.  On entering my post code, and the 12 digit Questionnaire Access Code from the form the following message displays:

If the system is not allowing access until closer to the time I would have expected the error message would say so rather than the above message.

Or perhaps there is an online fault in the matching of the Access Code to postcode.  Mmmm.  Anyone else encountered this?


Mantolwen said...

Hi Cameron,
I've successfully managed to log on to the online census using the code and my postcode. You definitely typed it correctly?

Cameron Rose said...


Yes I definitely typed it all correct. My wife checked.

However, this evening it has let me in.

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