Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Closing date for Crags Sports Centre offers

Today was the closing date for offers for the Crags Sports Centre which closed at the end of last year.  Having been handed back to the Council it has now been marketed and it is understood there has been some interest.

The Crags was the result of a community campaign a decade ago but it was unable to meet its costs and was bailed out by the Council in 2006 when it was handed to Edinburgh Leisure to run, subsidised by a grant from the Council.  However, with a reduced subsidy from the Council, Edinburgh Leisure could no longer afford to run it at a loss and handed it back to the Council.

It remains to be seen whether there is interest in taking over the premises and in what form.

Here is a post   on the background (with links to further posts). 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this series of posts about the Crags Sports Centre, I've been wondering what happened to it since i saw an electrician in there today - opening briefly as a polling station he said.

I wonder if the council tried that hard to find community groups to take over the space? How were the opportunity and the deadline publicised?

Cameron Rose said...

See pages 28 and 29 (Question 7) of the ff doc for a partial answer.
I don't have other details to hand. I think the offer was made much broader than simpy for community groups.

My understanding is that the election use is temporary.

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