Academic Plagiarism on the rise?

Investigations into plagiarism at Edinburgh University rose from 48 cases in 2005/06 to 139 cases in 2009/10 according to a Telegraph table. This follows an earlier post in The Journal about a rise at the University and goes with the trend across the UK.

This is all against a background of German Defence Minister being forced to resign after it was revealed 20% of the PhD was not correctly referenced. The London School of Economics is also investigating whether Saif Gaddafi's PhD was plagiarised. The Director Howard Davies has already had to step down as the Council launches its investigation into improper links with Libya and the Gaddafi regime.


e0 said…
Not entirely correct - these figures show the incidence of *reported* cheating (which includes plagiarism as a sub-set).

Also a word of caution - it may not be the simple case that plagiarism is rising, but other factors need to be accounted for.

For example, it is now easier to detect plagiarism by automated system so I would suggest that this would increase the numbers of cases recorded. It may be that plagiarism levels remain the same, but we are detecting more so it appears plagiarism is on the rise.
Good point - the title has been amended.

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