Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pleasance tops roadway repairs list

The Council has allocated £90k to be prioritised by local communities in the two wards Southside & Newington and Meadows and Morningside in 2011/12 as capital spending on roads and pavements in the area.  This locally directed spending is addition to the central council spending on road repairs.

I attended last week when representatives from community councils, the Neighbourhood Partnership and one other local councillor met  to choose which repairs should go ahead.  The following are the voting results in order of priority of the work likely to progress over the next 12 months.
  1. Pleasance road surface section near to West Richmond Street where the breaking surfacing leads to  considerable traffic noise for nearby residents.  Estimated cost: £20k.
  2. Viewcraig Gardens pavement repairs. Est. cost: £10k
  3. Findhorn Place pavement resurfacing, west footway. Est cost: £35k
  4. East Mayfield carriageway resurfacing near to Dalkeith Road: £45k
Whilst the process does involve some local people, it is far from efficient or equitable as a way of allocating resources and the process should be scrapped.

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