Saturday, 12 March 2011

Temp forecasts reduce overnight

Forecasts for Saturday temperatures in the Edinburgh area have fallen overnight.  This means the mixture of heavy rain and heavy snow forecast is increasingly tending towards snow.  Much of the rain predicted from 6am - 9am has fallen as snow.  It remains to be seen if the band of precipitation remains over Edinburgh up till midnight, as predicted in the screenshot below.

 Cancellation of today's St Patrick Square event was a sound call, especially as technical support personnel would have had to travel from England.
Note fall in predicted temps compared to yesterday's post
Update 9:00pm:  For the record, here's what actually transpired - at least in Southside & Newington - (compared to the predictions above).

0600 Heavy snow (predicted heavy rain)
0900 Rain (heavy snow)
1200 Very light rain (heavy snow)
1500 Occasional light rain (heavy rain)
1800 Cloudy but dry (heavy rain)

Hmmm.  Perhaps the St Patrick Square event could have gone ahead!

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