Saturday, 26 March 2011

University good teaching awards

Edinburgh University Students Association has presented eleven awards s for excellence in teaching.  There were 5,168 nominations for 777 teachers and the winners are:

Best Feedback: Paul Nimmo (Divinity)
Best Director of Studies: Murray Low (Chemistry)
Teach First Innovative Teaching Award: Simon Bates (Physics)
KPMG Teaching Employable Skills Award: Dimitris Theodossopoulos (Architecture)
Vitae Postgraduates Who Tutor: Robert Concannon (Physics)
Best Course: Ethnography: Theory and Practice
Best Department: Chemistry
Kendell Award for Teaching in Medicine: David Apps (Biomedical Sciences) 
Campbell Award for Teaching in Humanities and Social Sciences: Alasdair Richmond (Philosophy)
Van Heyningen Award for Teaching in Science and Engineering: Maria Chamberlain (Biological Sciences)
 Endsleigh Overall High Performer: Yvonne Foley (TESOL, Education)

More details here.

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